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Venus 2

Venus is the rescue tender of the Pontypandy Fire Station.


Driven mainly by Penny Morris, Venus the yellow rescue tender is always available to assist the team. No job is too large or too small. Carrying all the specialist gear the team could possibly need, Venus is an invaluable addition to the team. According to Ellie Phillips in Heroes of the Storm there is enough room in the back to fit Hannah's wheelchair.

Episodes Sam drove Venus

Episodes Station Officer Steele drove Venus

Episodes Elvis drove Venus

Episodes Ellie drove Venus

Episodes Arnold drove Venus

Sound Effects

Siren (Series 5)

Siren (Series 6-present)


  • Like Penny, Venus debuted in the same episode, Dilys's Forgetful Day.
  • Venus is parked in the first bay of the New Fire Station.
  • Trevor Evans, Chief Fire Officer Boyce and Jerry Lee have yet to drive Venus.
  • Venus has many modifications throughout the series. These include:
  • Original Series (Series 1- 4)
  • Venus was based on a Range Rover Carmichael Commando.
  • Venus had the registration plate number V 666, like Jupiter and Trevor's Bus.
  • Venus was an Emergency Rescue Tender, which had equipment for Road Traffic Accidents and domestic floodings, but no firefighting capabilities.
  • Series 5 - 12
  • Venus is based on a 2001 Mini Cooper R50, sporting the 6x6 arrangement.
  • But for unknown reason, the registration has been absent since Series 5.
  • Venus is now a water carrier with a mounted cannon and three main hose outlets, there is also a small storage compartment for a hose and other rescue equipment.
  • From Series 6 onwards, the rest of the team has started driving Venus as well.
  • Venus can shoot water out of a mounted water cannon.
  • Venus has 4 wheel drive offroad capability.
  • Norman Price and the Mystery in the Sky - Present
  • Renamed Venus 2 (Temporally renamed as the "Sam Mobile").
  • Red and yellow switch places on its livery.
  • New foam tanks and cannons.
  • A new launch pad for Saturn
  • New Spotlamps.
  • New longer automatic winch hook operated by the updated Mapscreen system.
  • Changeable tyres.
  • The Fire & Rescue Team logo is flipped