Twist of Fate
Series 5, Episode 3
Air Date Welsh: 15 October 2003
English: 6 April, 2005
Australia: 22 April 2006
Previous The Big Freeze
Next A Real Live Wire

Twist of Fate is the third episode of the fifth series.


When Station Officer Steele gets stuck in a cave with Mandy and Norman, a grease gun saves the day.





  • This episode marks the first appearances of Dusty and Helen Flood.
  • Sarah and James don't appear in this episode.
  • Just before Norman, Station Officer Steele and Mandy head inside Big Cave Mandy says to Steele "All present and correct sir!", referring to them having all the necessary equipment. This is a reference to a line Sam would say in Series 1-4 to Steele confirming all personnel aboard Jupiter.
  • This episode has one of the shortest response sequences in Series 5, going from the bell being sounded to pulling out of the station in a matter of seconds.
  • Tom and his yellow 4x4 can be seen passing by in the background (albeit blurry) when Dusty attempts to eat Norman's sandwiches, but he doesn't appear again in the episode after that.
    • This is actually the very first appearance of Tom's 4x4 (not counting the intro) even though it is not seen clearly until Carnival of Junk and is only used in an emergency in Deep Water.


  • In the first shot inside the fire station, the clock reads, 3:15, then a few shots later the clock reads 3:00.
  • Jupiter's side logo is missing when Penny is fixing the wheel.
  • When Jupiter leaves the station, Sam, Penny and Elvis are all in Jupiter; however when they arrive at the Floods' house, only Sam is aboard Jupiter.
  • In the following episode it is said that Helen is allergic to fur even though she does not react to Dusty when she is near him in this episode.
  • When Jupiter pulls out of the station, Sam turns right, despite the fact that the road is straight ahead and turning right would lead them nowhere.

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