Trevor Evans
Occupation Bus Driver
Auxiliary Fireman (previously)
Place of work Throughout Pontypandy Pontypandy Fire Station (previously)
Family N/A

Trevor Evans is the town's bus driver and former auxiliary fireman with the Pontypandy fire brigade.


He is known for his fondness of cricket, his awkward manner and general bad luck streak, but nonetheless exhibits a great devotion to the welfare of others (especially Dilys). From the fifth series onwards, Trevor is no longer an auxiliary firefighter but he is still the bus driver, and the spark between him and Dilys still holds strong.

Voice Actors

Personal Info

  • Hair: Grey
  • Eyes: Hazel
  • Friends: Everyone in Pontypandy
  • Catchphrase: "I used to be a boy scout, you know!" (In the CGI series)

Episodes of Trevor Being a Auxiliary Fireman

In the CGI series it has been stated that he works as a volunteer firefighter.


  • He has driven a bus for over 20 years.
  • In the original series, he was often called "Trevor the Bus"
  • In the original series, he was an Auxiliary fireman.
  • It is shown in the episode Home From Rome that Trevor can play the accordion.
  • He was the first character to appear onscreen in the first episode of Fireman Sam (The Kite).