The Bus is owned by Trevor Evans who drives it.

Trevors Bus From Series 10-Present


Serving the route between Pontypandy and Newtown, Trevor Evan's bus is a local lifeline. Operating the school run and day trips for the village children is one of its vital jobs. Although not always a reliable timekeeper, Trevor and his bus are popular elements of village life. There is a ramp kept on the bus for wheelchair access and there used to be a Sat nav.


The bus was based on the Ford Transit Dormobile in the original series.

In the CGI series, the bus was based on the 2001 Ford Transit bus.


  • Like Jupiter and Venus in the old series, the bus originally had a numberplate (reg: BWS 493T). However since Series 5, its registration plates have been removed.
  • In Heroes of the Storm, Trevor's bus fell off a cliff, but by the end he gets a new one (still the same bodywork) which includes a completely redesigned dashboard, different wheel rims and pink seats. The same happens again in Set For Action!, but his new bus is exactly the same.