Trevor's Boot Sale
Series 04, Episode 05
Air Date Welsh: 6 October, 1994
English: 8 November, 1994
Australian: October 31, 1995
Previous Deep Trouble for Sam
Next What Goes Up

Trevor's Boot Sale is the fifth episode of Series 4.


Trevor is collecting old unused objects from the residents as he and Bella are hosting a 'Bus Boot Sale', but he then gets trapped under Elvis' burnt out cooker at the rubbish dump and is in danger of suffocating from inhaling the poisonous fumes of linking household cleaners and sodium hypochlorite. Sam & Elvis rescue him by wearing Chemical Protection Suits and patching up the hole in the Sodium drum. Afterwards Trevor brings a big surprise for his hero, Norman, a pair of rollerblades.




  • Pontypandy Fire Station
  • The Park
  • Bella's Cafe
  • Price's General Store


  • This is the only time we see firefighters wearing a Chemical protective suit over their normal firefighter uniforms.
  • The stirrup pump from Jupiter's chimney gear (from Thief in Pontypandy) makes a return in this episode.
  • At Trevor's tip, numerous discarded items can be recognized from earlier episodes of Fireman Sam which include the runaway tyre from Flat Tyre, the broken TV of Bella's from Telly Trouble, the burned-out fire station cooker from Spot of Bother and the bed push bed from All in a Good Cause.
  • This is the only chemical-related emergency in Series 1-5, most likely because most chemical emergencies, particularly when asphyxiating chemicals like sodium chloride are involved, would be too dramatic/traumatic for children to watch.


  • Trevor appears to not suffer from the fumes as much as a person in real life would.

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Fireman Sam - Trevor's Boot Sale

Fireman Sam - Trevor's Boot Sale