Treasure Hunt
Series 02, Episode 01
Air Date Welsh: September 6, 1988
English: November 8, 1988
Australian: April 11th, 1991
Previous Telly Trouble
Next Sam's Day Off

Treasure Hunt is the first episode of Fireman Sam Series 2.

Plot Summary

Sam introduces Sarah and James to his new metal detector and they later use it to look for Bella's lost house key. Unfortunately when they think thay have found it, they manage to dig up a water pipe, burst it and stop the fountain from working. Meanwhile, Norman's game of 'Knights of the Round Table' backfires when a saucepan helmet gets stuck on his head.





  • When Bella accidently knocks a packet of ZAZ washing powder into the fountain. The packaging of this product is based on DAZ.
  • The water in the fountain is actually cling film.
  • Even though this episode is from Season 2 (1988), it is copyrighted for 1987 and the credits from Season 1 are used. The episode may have been originally filmed for the first series, but then for some reason got postponed.


  • When Fireman Sam first talks to Station Officer Steele he cannot hear him due to the cotton wool in his ears, but later when he talks to Fireman Cridlington about the shelf he's building hears perfectly still with the cotton wool in his ears.
  • When the team are called out to deal with the burst water pipe, Station Officer Steele forgets to check his fax machine to see where the emergency is.