"Flaming Koalas"

Tom, Series 5

Tom Thomas
Tom Thomas
Occupation Mountain rescuer and Helicopter Pilot
Place of work Mountain Rescue Centre
Family Sally (Cousin)
Unnamed Niece

Tom Thomas is the Mountain Rescue Centre owner who hails from Australia. He is mainly seen flying Wallaby 1, his Search & Rescue helicopter, (Wallaby 2 from Alien Alert onwards) or driving his yellow 4x4.


Tom was introduced in the 2003 series, and also appears in the 2008 series, including the feature-length specials.

2003 Series

In the 2003 series, Tom is mainly seen during some rescue missions. However, in Let it Snow, he uses his helicopter to go to Newtown to get supplies for Dilys' shop.

2008 Series

In the 2008 series, Tom helps the fire brigade with emergencies more often, mostly having a few non-speaking roles, like in the episodes Poorly Penny, Three Legged Race and Danger by the Double. In this series, he is shown to be a good abseiler, as demonstrated in the episodes Fireworks for Mandy and Pontypandy Extreme.


In the 2003 series, Tom is generally a kind person, similar to most of the other characters and in the 2008 series, he is also shown to be a bit cocky and competitive, as seen in the episode, Sausages vs. Shrimps. He is also shown to be 'animal mad', just like Bronwyn, as seen in Cry Wolf and Perilous Path.

Personal Info

  • Hair: Blonde
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Friends: Everyone in Pontypandy


Tom has blonde hair, blue eyes and wears an orange rescue outfit with beige boots. He wears sunglasses some of the time. In the 2008 series, Tom is slightly taller than Elvis, and his hair is thicker. His sunglasses have changed design too, having black visors that completely go over his eyes, as identified in the picture above. He mostly wears them when he's in his helicopter, but the episode Cat Magic was where he wore them whilst driving his 4x4.

Voice Actors


  • Tom has his own theme in Series 5 whenever he takes off in Wallaby 1, however ever since Series 6 it has been absent.