Thief in Pontypandy
Series 02, Episode 03
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Air Date Welsh: September 20, 1988
English: December 13, 1988
Australian: April 15th, 1991
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Thief in Pontypandy is the third episode of the Series 2.

Plot Summary

Sam's watch, Station Officer Steele's Medal, Bella's necklace, and Dilys' earrings have gone missing! Can Sam solve the mystery? At the same time, Bella's chimney is on fire.




  • When Sam takes the bus at the begining, there is no "Bus Stop" sign it indicates whether Trevor stopped at an unauthorised place or not.
  • If Sam and Steele do not like Elvis' cooking, they should just make it themselves.
  • When Dilys reacts to Bella's scream, her lipstick disappears.
  • The jackdaw would have been too frightened to steal any of the stuff he had stolen, as they were all indoors when they were last seen.
  • The siren on Jupiter sounds faulty when Sam switches it on.
  • Bella is smiling when she screams about the fire and when she is crying about her café.