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"Now Who Needs The Fire Service?, Well Done Men Another Job Well Done!"

— The quotes Station Officer Steele says in the old series

"Great Tangled Hoses!"

— The quote Station Officer Steele says since Heroes Of The Storm

Station Officer Steele
Station Officer Steel Promo.png
Occupation Station Officer
Place of work Pontypandy Fire Station
Family Unnamed Great Grandfather
Daniel Steele (Father)
Doris Steele (Wife)
Unnamed Nephew

Norris Steele, formerly Basil Steele, is the Station Officer for Pontypandy Fire Station.


Norris Steele was born and raised in Newtown, after completing high school he began his career as an "Army Officer".

After a while, he started his firefighter training at the Newtown Fire Academy along with Chief Fire Officer Boyce. Upon completing his training, they both began work at the original Pontypandy Fire Station (which is now the Railway Station) and operated on Bessie

Steele soon got promoted to the position of Station Officer and transfered to the newer (present) fire station whilst Boyce was transferred to Newtown where he became Chief Fire Officer. A while after this, he was offered a promotion as the Deputy Chief Fire Officer in Newtown, but rejected the promotion as he wanted to stay and serve Pontypandy instead.


As a former "Army Officer", he insists upon a high standard of both hygiene and efficiency in the fire station. His catchphrase used to be "Now who needs the fire service?", but it later changed into "Action stations".

Station Officer Steele is generally portrayed to be strict and mature. He always seems to gasp when an emergency comes in. At the same time, Steele is not afraid to unleash the child within him, showing an interest in kite flying and paper planes and also maintains a gentle rivalry with Chief Fire Officer Boyce.

He also occasionally causes emergencies himself.

Basic Training

Further Qualifications

  • Advanced Driving Certificate


  • Medal of Outstanding Bravery
  • 25 Year Long Service Medal

Personal info

Voice Actors


  • Before joining the Fire Service, he was previously an army officer.
  • In the episode, Steele Under Par, he receives, a letter in clarification off his retirement from HQ, but they later phone and tell him to remain at the Pontypandy Fire Station.
  • In The Great Fire of Pontypandy, it was revealed by Chief Fire Officer Boyce that he could have even become Deputy Chief Fire Officer, but he wanted to stay and serve Pontypandy.
  • The initials for Station Officer Steele spell out "S.O.S."
  • In The Return of Norman-Man, he becomes the 2nd firefighter to ride Mercury.
  • When he speaks in Series 5, his moustache flaps.
  • In the US Amazon prime version, he is called Fire Captain Steele.
  • In 2009, Station Officer Steele appeared with Sam, Elvis and Penny in Peter Kay's Animated All Star Band music video on "Children in Need". Although the models from Series 5 were reused for this video mainly made up of stop-motion television characters, the characters retained their voices from the recently astablished CGI series.
  • Sarah and James's guinea pig was named Norris after Station Officer Steele's first name due to the fact it's face resembled him due to the moustache Steele has.
  • From Series 8 onwards he talks in a less stern/commanding voice
  • Series 10 is the most appearences of Station Officer Steele out on emergencies since Series 5
  • He used to be a railway firefighter as Bessie was the vehicle he used.

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