Set For Action! Poster (English)
Set For Action! is a feature length special. It aired on the 22nd of October 2018 & was released on DVD on the 18th of March 2019.


When a burning oil tanker truck is out of control and racing towards Pontypandy, Fireman Sam pulls off a daring rescue. Mandy and Sarah film the rescue for their new website - Pontypandy Planet Online - and the clip of Sam's heroism goes viral. Then, Don Sledgehammer sees the clip and wants Sam to be the star of his latest movie. Sam is reluctant and thinks maybe the acting should be left to the actors, but Chief Fire Officer Boyce will have none of it. Doing his best to bask in Sam's glory, Boyce tells Sam that he must make the movie - Sam can go back to his firefighting job when the film is finished. Unfortunately for Sam, his co-star Hollywood actor Flex Dexter, is determined to get the lead part and will stop at nothing to get it.


Characters Introduced




  • This Special introduces Don Bloomburg & Flex Dexter.
  • First time Penny is seen riding Mercury.
  • It is established that Sarah is 5 minutes older than James.
  • The special was dedicated to Joy Andrews (1976-2017) the wife of the director, Gary Andrews.