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The Ninth Series of Fireman Sam first aired in April 2014 in the United Kingdom and was released on November 2014 and on January 2015 in the US.


  1. All At Sea
  2. Battle of the Birthdays
  3. Wild Cheese Chase
  4. Magic Norman
  5. Escape From Pontypandy Island
  6. Troubled Waters
  7. The Best Sleepover Ever
  8. Whale Watch
  9. Up, Up And Away
  10. The Pontypandy Cup
  11. Treehouse Trouble
  12. Record Breakers
  13. Pontypandy Heatwave
  14. Norman's Big Fossil Adventure
  15. Turtle Hunt
  16. Rocky Rescue
  17. The Treasure Trap
  18. Stage Fright
  19. Pest in Show
  20. Hide and Seek
  21. One Way Street
  22. Garden Force
  23. On Thin Ice
  24. Lights, Camera, Avalanche!
  25. The Return of Norman-Man


Characters Introduced


UK (English)



  • From this series onwards, the rescue team starts wearing orange suits with yellow life-jackets, instead of vice-versa, for ocean-based rescues.
  • The firefighters occasionally wear new blue uniform tops that don't have the characteristic silver buttons on the sides. These are permanently shown from Heroes of the Storm onwards.
  • The Breathing Apparatus sets now have a torch and pressure gauge attached to them.
  • From this series onwards there is now a BA board and vest which real life firefighters use to track firefighters in smoky buildings and to check how much air they have got left.
  • From this series onwards, the mountain rescue harnesses have extra padding on them.
  • On July 26th, 2016 Troubled Waters was pulled out of circulation due to a bit of controversy over a scene where Elvis trips over a piece of paper with religious script on it. The producers apologised for the error and stated that they would no longer be working with the animation studio that was responsible for this mistake.