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Series 8 of Fireman Sam aired in March 2012 in the United Kingdom, and was released in June and July 2014 in the United States.


  1. Bronwyn's Millionth Customer
  2. Runaway Train
  3. Mandy's Mountain
  4. Water Tower Inferno
  5. Jupiter on the Loose
  6. The Big Chill
  7. Boyce will be Boyce
  8. Elvis in Concert
  9. Mandy at Sea
  10. The Great Guinea Pig Rescue
  11. The Pontypandyness Monster
  12. Disastrous Dilys
  13. Charlie's Big Catch
  14. Bessie to the Rescue
  15. King of the Mountain
  16. Lighthouse Lock Out
  17. Girls' Night In
  18. To Outfox a Fox
  19. Lily Lost and Found
  20. Sky Lanterns
  21. The Pontypandy Polar Bear
  22. Ice Cold in Pontypandy
  23. Snowball of Doom
  24. Floodlights
  25. Norman's Halloween Heist
  26. Wheel of Fire


Characters Introduced


UK (English)



  • From this series onwards, James is now voiced by John Hasler instead of Steven Kynman. This was likely done so James' voice could be distinguished from Norman's as he sounded too old compared to his twin sister Sarah.
  • From this series onwards, the animation has switched to high-definition graphics and textures.
  • Five of this series episodes were made available on the Fireman Sam YouTube channel.
  • This is the last CGI series to have the firefighters wearing orange suits with yellow life vests during sea-based rescues. From Series 9 onwards, this colour scheme would be reversed (i.e. yellow suits with orange life vests).