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The fifth series of Fireman Sam first aired in March 2003 in Wales, April 2005 in England and sometime in 2005 in Australia. This series has 26 episodes. However, in Wales, this series has 13 episodes. The reason why it has 13 episodes in Wales is because England was one series ahead of Wales, as the second series was a part of the first series in Wales. To keep it right on track, they decided to spilt the the fifth series episodes in half so both England and Wales would be on the same level.


  1. Danger Falling Sheep
  2. The Big Freeze
  3. Twist of Fate
  4. A Real Live Wire
  5. Bug Eyed Boy From Venus
  6. Bath Time for Dusty
  7. Neighbourhood Watchout
  8. Twitchers in Trouble
  9. Carnival of Junk
  10. Mummy's Little Pumpkin
  11. Joker Soaker
  12. Fit for Nothing
  13. Deep Water
  14. Beast of Pontypandy
  15. Pizza Palaver
  16. Fun Run
  17. Trouble and Squeak
  18. King of the Jungle
  19. Norman's Invisible Friend
  20. High Jinx
  21. The Case of the Liquorice Shoelaces
  22. Fiery Finale
  23. Birthday Surprise
  24. Firefighter of Tomorrow
  25. Fields of Fire
  26. Let it Snow


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  • This is the last series of many things:
    • The last series to use stop-motion model animation. From Series 6 onwards, the whole animation was created using CGI-animation.
    • The last series to have Dilys Price's shop having the name "N.W. PRICE" market.
    • The last series to have Bella Lasagne live in Pontypandy.
    • The last series where Norman has round glasses. From Series 6 onwards, he would have square glasses which are blue. However he will still have the same clothes as this series.
    • The last series where Norman has green eyes. He has blue eyes in Series 6 onwards.
    • The last series where Dilys has no glasses. She will have glasses from Series 6 onwards.
    • The last series where Norman is seen as the local paperboy.
    • The last series that any characters are wearing a Hi-Vis.
    • The last series that has the opening theme sequence end with Sam's iconic thumbs up pose.
    • The last series where Pontypandy is a village set deep in the hills. From Series 6 onwards, Pontypandy would be a seaside village.
  • This is the first series of many things:
    • The first series for the characters to have their own voices provided by different voice actors instead of all by the same person
    • The first series to have the characters' mouths move in sync with the voices
    • The first series to utilize digital masters
    • The first series produced under HiT Entertainment's ownership.
    • The first series where the emergency bell is depicted the other way up with the gongs on top and the hammers on the bottom.
    • The first series to be produced and filmed in 16:9 widescreen but some DVD releases such as Children's Favourites and US releases had them cropped to 4:3.
      • The 4:3 versions of this series had all the special effects, such as the binoculars in Danger Falling Sheep, completely re-edited to fit the screen.
    • The first series where Penny Morris is a full-time firefighter in Pontypandy (having hailed from Newtown in the Series 3 and 4 and only making occassonal visits to Pontypandy).
  • This is the only series of many things:
    • The only series to feature Dusty.
    • The only series in which Woolly is shown as a baby, said to be male and Norman's pet lamb. From Series 6 onwards, Woolly would be an adult ewe and would live just behind the Floods' house.
    • The only series to be animated by Siriol Productions.
    • The only series where Station Officer Steele's office is the only room which has remained the same since the original series (English version).
      • It was then changed in the CGI series.
    • The only series where Sam drives Jupiter in every single episode.
    • The only series where Norman appears in every episode, even when he wasn't the focus of the episode.
    • The only series in the New Series to be made using stop-motion (English version).
  • A number of props from this series were later sold on the online props website The Prop Gallery, including 2 warning signs, (from Danger Falling Sheep and Bug Eyed Boy From Venus) Wallaby 1's control panel, Woolly, and a fire extinguisher.
  • This series was most likely produced in 2002.
    • In Wales, the first 13 Episodes were aired as part of Series 4, and the last 13, as part of Series 5. This is why a few Series 5 episodes are apart of Series 4 on BBC iPlayer.
  • According to a behind the scenes photo of High Jinx, this series was shot on a Sony SDTV professional video camera, most likely onto BetaCam SP
  • Series 5 can be viewed as a "transitional series", as it seemingly bridges the gap between Classic and New Series; almost every character, concept, and location introduced in Series 5 would be carried over into the CGI Series, along with most of the character designs (of all the designs introduced in Series 5, only the firefighters, Trevor, Tom, and Norman made the jump to CGI relatively unchanged; Sarah and James merely received new clothes, Dilys gained a new, younger look, and all members of the Flood family had their designs overhauled.


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