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Season 10 of Fireman Sam aired in the UK on the 15th of February 2016.


  1. Runaway Horse
  2. Sam's Birthday
  3. Castles and Kings
  4. Pizza Pandemonium
  5. Dog Day Disaster
  6. Bus Trouble
  7. Spy Games
  8. Fox On The Run
  9. The Great Party Panic
  10. The Break-Up
  11. Fiery Football
  12. Lost In The Caves
  13. Shape Up and Shine
  14. Space Train
  15. Wicker Bear
  16. Castles in the Air
  17. Ice Hockey Meltdown
  18. Float Your Boat
  19. Froggy Fantasy
  20. Dashing Through The Snow
  21. The Treasure of Pontypandy Pete
  22. Big Top Norman
  23. Paddle On
  24. Day Of The Penguin
  25. Pontypandy In The Park


Characters Introduced




  • Andrew Hodwitz as Sam, Elvis and Jerry Lee
  • Jonah Ain as James
  • Margaret Brock as Bronwyn, Hannah, Lizzie and Mrs. Chen
  • Lily Cassano as Sarah, Mandy and Lily
  • Jacob James as Charlie and Ben
  • Scott Lancastle as Mike
  • Ashley Magwood as Penny
  • Dave McRae as Fire Department Chief Boyce and Gareth
  • Dave Pender as Fire Captain Steele
  • Mike Pongracz as Trevor and Joe
  • Becky Shrimpton as Helen
  • Sarah Lynn Strange as Dilys
  • Carter Treneer as Norman and Derek
  • David Carling as Tom
  • Adam Turgeon as Arnold
  • Christa Clahane as Ellie
  • Nigel Whitmey as Moose
  • Harriet Kershaw as Bella


  • The logo of the Pontypandy Fire Service is changed, but we also see it in Series 9 during the titles of the show.
  • There are now cars driving around the village's streets.
  • Bella Lasagne makes her CGI debut and return in this series.
  • The park in Pontypandy makes its CGI debut.
  • This marks as the first season to not get released to Amazon Prime in the US.