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Sarah and James
Sarah and James (Sara and Jâms).PNG
Occupation N/A
Place of work N/A
Family Charlie Jones (father)
Bronwyn Jones (mother)
Fireman Sam (uncle)
Gareth Griffiths (grandad)
Unnamed Granny

Sarah and James Jones are twin siblings. They are the daughter and son of Charlie and Bronwyn Jones, the grandchildren of Gareth Griffiths and the niece and nephew of Fireman Sam. At age five, they are the most well behaved children living in Pontypandy.

Personal info

  • Hair: Platinum blonde
  • Eyes: Sky blue
  • Friends: Everybody in Pontypandy
  • First appearance: The Kite


  • Firefighters Certificates
  • Joint Fun Run Winners (along with Mandy)
  • Flower and Veg Show Winners
  • Various Pioneer Badges
  • Bravery Award (James)
  • Pet Show Blue Ribbon (James)


Sarah and James have a good relationship with each other, their parents, granddad, the firefighters and a close relationship with their Uncle Sam.


Sarah and James are often the more prominent children characters in the series. They have had a number of episodes and in the specials revolving around them showing their sisterly-and-brotherly bond. They are:

  • Snow Business: Sarah and James nearly fall into a frozen pond when the ice cracks.
  • Lost in the Fog: Sarah became stuck in the bog, an instance of a life-or-death situation.
  • Quarry Rescue: James falls into an abandoned rock quarry.
  • Fun Run: James hurt his ankle in a charity race.
  • Alarm on the Beach: James gets stuck under a crate.
  • The Great Fire of Pontypandy: Sarah and James hold hands when the forest was on fire so they didn't get separated.
  • The Pontypandyness Monster: Sarah and some citizens get stranded in the middle of Pontypandy lake.
  • On Thin Ice: A similar situation from Snow Business.
  • Heroes of the Storm: Certain situations whilst trying to get out of the caves.
  • Alien Alert: Sarah broke her arm after a nasty fall with Norman.
  • Set For Action!: James forgave Sarah after she kept on calling him "little brother" because she is 5 minutes older and saying she doesn't want help from her "little brother". After James found evidence about Sam's controversial sacking, they decided to work as a team again along with Mandy's help. James also told Sam about Sarah and Mandy being trapped in Flex Dexter's burning trailer.

Of course their have been a few sibling rivalries between the two. When they once got lost in the fog, James blamed Sarah for it because she wanted to get off Trevor's bus and pick flowers for Penny. But they do forgive each other.

When they both grow up, they want to be firefighters just like their Uncle Sam.


Sarah and James are a girl and boy who like to have fun. They are very well behaved children. However, sometimes do have emergencies.


Sarah is generally a nice girl. She is a energetic, feisty tomboy. She is shown to be more tough and braver than James. She is the older of the two.


James is generally a nice boy. He is sensitive and cautious, as he is often scared of many things and lacks confidence. He is the younger of the two.


Sarah and James are two children who have platinum blonde hair (Sarah's being slightly longer) and sky blue eyes. They look very similar to each other.


In Series 1-4, Sarah wears a white t-shirt with pink overalls with a picture of a tree on it and pinkish white shoes. In Series 5, Sarah wears a lavender t-shirt with two stars on the left and right and a butterfly in the middle on it, pink trousers, and pink shoes. As of Series 6, Sarah wears a pink jumper with a blue sleeveless jacket over it. However, in the episode Baa Baa Baby, when Sarah is inside, the pink selves from the jumper are the sleeves of the blue jacket and she wears a green sleeveless jacket and blue shirt underneath it. This was most likely a mistake. She also wears cyan trousers and pink and white shoes. Sarah is also slightly taller than James starting from Series 6, probably because she's the older twin.


In Series 1-4, James wears a black jumper with a white letter J on it, blue trousers and blue shoes. In Series 5, James wears a polo shirt with red and blue squares, blue trousers and blue, red and white shoes. As of Series 6, James wears a light green jumper, dark green shorts and blue, red and white shoes with blue socks. James is also slightly shorter than Sarah starting from Series 6, probably because he's the younger twin.

Voice Actors

Episodes Sarah drove Neptune


  • Between the two, Sarah has appeared the most.
  • In Series 5, Sarah and James have English accents, they have Welsh accents in the UK dub of the CGI series, even stranger than in the original four series.
  • It was established that in Set For Action!, Sarah is five minutes older than James at birth.
  • Starting with Series 5, Sarah and James have mistakenly referred to their "Uncle Sam" as "Fireman Sam" in a number of episodes.