Sam's Day Off
Series 02, Episode 02
Air Date Welsh: September 13, 1988
English: November 15, 1988
Australian: April 12th, 1991
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Sam's Day Off is the second episode of Series 2.


Fireman Sam has got a day off and he has agreed to take Sarah and James to the cinema. When the twins arrive at his house, he reveals he has been making a popcorn machine in his inventing shed. He still has not finished it off yet, so Sarah and James have to wait outside the shed until the machine is ready.

Meanwhile, Elvis and Trevor have taken Jupiter out to fill up the water tank at the hydrant between Pandy Lane and the New Town Road. Fireman Cridlington is so excited about being in charge that when Jupiter's tank is filled up and the equipment is packed away, he drives away and back to the fire station before Auxiliary Fireman Evans has got back on board. Trevor decides to wait by the side of the road for someone to give him a lift back to Pontypandy, when Norman suddenly pops up dressed in his cowboy suit. Trevor decides to play along with Norman's game as he pretends to be the Indian chief, but Norman takes it too far by handcuffing Trevor to the sign post and accidentally loses the key as it falls down the drain.

When Elvis realises the mistake he has made, he and Station Officer Steele go back to pick up Trevor. However before they can rescue Trevor from his present predicament, a call comes through on the radio reporting a fire at Sam's house. Sam's popcorn machine has started smoking, the shed door is stuck and Sam is trapped inside. They set off. Trevor is left behind again, but Norman finds the key.

When Elvis and Station Officer Steele arrive at 3 Vale Road, the machine starts making very strange noises and the black smoke is billowing in thicker clouds. Elvis, Sarah, James and Steele take cover and the machine suddenly blows up. The windows smash, the door falls off its hinges and popcorn spews out of the shed. As the smoke clears, Sam suddenly appears safe and sound, triumphantly holding two packets of popcorn for the twins.



  • As Jupiter arrives at Sam's house, you can see the drain pipe next to the front door twitch in the background.
  • The hydrant is situated at Pandy Lane, but in Barn Fire, Sam stated that there are no hydrants situated in that area, as it's "all open country."


  • The Welsh title is called, "Free Day".
  • This is the first time Sam needs rescuing, but without knowing.
  • This is the first episode to be copyrighted in 1988.