Safe with Sam
Series 02, Episode 05
Air Date Welsh: October 4, 1988
English: October 25, 1988
Australian: April 17, 1991
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Safe with Sam is the fifth episode of Series 2. It was specially made to make the audience more aware about fire hazards and keeping safe.


There is a firework display being held to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Pontypandy Fire Station. Throughout the episode, there are valuable lessons to be learned about being safe from Fireman Sam.





  • Sam breaks the fourth wall at the end.
  • This episode had never been released on a BBC Video in the UK, it did however have its own VHS release by a different company and then on the HIT Entertainment DVD "Ultimate Children's Favourites".
  • This is the only Season 2 episode to feature an appearance from Rosa.
  • If this episode takes place in the same year it was broadcasted in English and Welsh (1988), then that would mean the Pontypandy Fire Station was built in 1938.
  • This is the last Season 2 episode to have Season 1 credits.


  • When Sam tells Trevor he is going inside to fetch some more nails, he has his helmet off, but when he enters the station he is wearing it.