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Rich and Famous
Series 04, Episode 02
Sam tan 2
Air Date Welsh: 24 September, 1994
English: 27 October, 1994
Australian: 26 October, 1995
Previous Home From Rome
Next Quarry Rescue

Rich and Famous is the second episode of Series 4.


Trevor is on his way to the fire station with a camera. He has a new position in film rescues to see that the fire service is doing its job properly. Then he spots Sarah and James Jones sitting in the park and he decides to film them doing a dance and singing a song to see how well the camera works. Norman rides into the scene on his skateboard and crashes into a fountain.

Meanwhile at Bella Lasagne's cafe, Dilys Price reads a newspaper about Dilys Davis of Newtown being rich and famous after finding a family heirloom worth millions. She then heads up into the attic to see if she can find an heirloom, too, leaving Norman to look after the shop.

Back at the fire station, Trevor films a dummy rescue with Sam and Elvis in the smoke chamber.

In the attic, Dilys lights a candle to see what she is doing and looks through her father's old sea chest for heirloom, but nothing seems to be of any value. She throws an old mallet at the candle and a bundle of old newspapers is set on fire. Sarah and James see the blaze and quickly call the fire brigade.

At the station, the fire team are watching the unedited version of their rescue exercise when the fire bell rings and they are soon on their way to rescue Dilys. At the danger zone, Dilys climbs away from the blaze through the skylight and onto the roof with a precious brass statue. As Sam climbs up the ladder to rescue Dilys, Trevor films the whole rescue on his camera. As Dilys slides across the roof to Sam, a tile comes lose and she slips down into his arms. In the process, Dilys drops the statue and it slides down off the roof and falls to the ground. Station Officer Steele catches it in his helmet just in time.

Later that night, Dilys, Trevor and Norman are watching the news on the television and they see a report of Dilys being rescued. The newsreader states that Dilys' statue is worth over £2,000 which makes her feel very proud indeed.





  • The water coming out the fountain is actually cling film.
  • The chocolate bar Norman is eating when he is looking after the shop appears to be a Snickers.

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