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Pontypandy Fire Service logo (2016-Present)

The Pontypandy Fire Service (Brigâd Dân Pontypandy in Welsh) is a small fictional Fire & Rescue service based within the valleys of South Wales. There are only two known stations: Firstly, Pontypandy: a medium-sized station serving the south half of the area which covers the coastal fishing village of Pontypandy and the surrounding forestry and countryside. Due to its location, Pontypandy hosts four emergency services that are combined within the fire service as they are called out to incidents together very often or if they are needed. As of Series 13, they are: the Fire And Rescue team, the Ocean Rescue team, the Mountain Rescue team, Paramedics and are assisted by the Police team.

Secondly, Newtown: a large station that covers the northern area which covers the town of Newtown and also serves as the fire service's base of operations and it often referred to as HQ.


  • Station wear - In some episodes up until Series 5, their station wear consisted of a black jumper and grey trousers, but for most episodes up until Heroes of the Storm, they wore their turnout gear. In Series 10, the firefighters wear blue polo shirts with the service logo embroiled and navy trousers. The Station Officers wear a white shirt and tie with a medal strip and insignia slide with one impeller.
  • Turnout gear - From Series 1 - 4, they wore black woolen tunics with brass buttons and yellow leggings and a cork helmet like every UK and Irish fire service did in those days. In Series 5, they wore the exact same but the tunic was blue and held an axe and torch. The helmets had a short visor screwed on. From Series 6 - Heroes of the Storm, they still had the same tunics (with new reflective strips) and leggings but the axe and torch were removed and are now stowed in Jupiter. They also gained newer helmets with larger visors which were still out of today's fashion. Since Series 10, they now wear an updated tunic which replaces the buttons with 3 magnetic clips and a small waterproof walkie-talkie, the insignia slide has also been removed. the leggings and the helmets remain the same. The Station officers helmet is white with 1 thin black band.
  • Chief Officer’s Uniform The Chief Officers Uniform consists of a blue tunic with brass buttons, a medal strip, red stitching around the insignia slide, blue trousers with red stitching and a visor cap. the helmet is white with 2 black bands (although it should be 1 thick band).
  • Ocean Rescue Uniform - From Series 6 - Series 8, they wore yellow wet-suits with orange life-jackets and an orange helmet. Since Series 9, they now wear lava red wet-suits with yellow life jackets and red helmets.
  • Animal Rescue Uniform - Since Series 10, the animal rescue uniforms consist of brown grey and yellow leggings and a tunic with the Animal Rescue logo Embroidered as well as a helmet with a neck protector.
  • Mountain Rescue Uniform - Since Alien Alert, the Mountain Rescue Uniforms consist of yellow jackets with a walkie-talkie which has the Search & Rescue logo embroidered, leggings with light deflectors and a helmet with a torchlight.


  • Newtown - Newtown Fire Station is the main HQ and largest station in the service. It is very little referenced in Fireman Sam, but it is mostly mentioned when the Pontypandy firefighters learn new skills there (e.g. winter rescue).
  • Pontypandy Railway Station - This is where Station Officer Steele & Chief Fire Officer Boyce were first based when the coal mines were still active, they would use the railway system on Bessie to attend to emergencies in the mountains and mines. Soon as the mines closed, they both promoted to their separate ways with Chief Fire Officer Boyce transferring to Newtown and Station Officer Steele to Pontypandy. Now with lots of visitors to the Mountain Activity Centre & the mines, the station is now in use again, "Just Like The Old Days".
  • Pontypandy - Originally built in 1938, Pontypandy Fire Station was no larger than an average retained fire station, only housing Jupiter and their skills were limited. Throughout the years, their skills and facilities have greatly improved such as having a larger garage built to house Venus and Jupiter permanently and completely rebuilding the interior of the fire station in order to have the entire ground floor with an office, a garage and a small kitchen on the top floor with a balcony outside. Since Heroes of the Storm, they now have a state-of-the-art fire station with many technological features and developing new skills such as amphibious and animal rescue capabilities.

As from Season 10 onwards, the Mountain and Ocean Rescue Centres are part of the fire service each with their unique fire service logo.


Pontypandy Fire Station

  1. Jupiter (Aerial Ladder Combined Fire Engine) - Driven by Fireman Sam & Elvis Cridlington
  2. Venus 2 (Rescue Tender, Water/Foam Carrier) - Driven by Everyone in the station
  3. Mercury (Quad Bike) - Ridden by Fireman Sam, Station Officer Steele, Elvis Cridlington & Penny Morris
  4. Hydrus (Off Road Amphibious Rescue Vehicle) - Driven by Fireman Sam & Penny Morris
  5. Phoenix (Multi-Purpose 4X4) - Driven by Ellie Phillips, Penny MorrisArnold McKinley & Fireman Sam (sticker only)
  6. Mobile Command Unit (Base of operations for large scale incidents or events) - Driven by Fireman Sam & Station Officer Steele

Newtown Fire Station

  1. Rapid Response Fire Unit - (Fire Engine)
  2. Mobile Command Unit (originally) (Base of operations for large scale incidents or events)
  3. Venus (Originally) (rescue tender)

Pontypandy Mountain Rescue Centre

  1. Wallaby 1 & 2 (Mountain Rescue Helicopters) - Piloted by Tom Thomas
  2. Mountain Rescue 4x4 (Off-road rescue 4x4) - Driven by Tom Thomas
  3. Mountain Rescue Ambulance (Off-road rescue 4x4) - Driven by Nurse Flood & Ellie Phillips

Pontypandy Ocean Rescue Centre

  1. Neptune (Inflatable rescue boat) - Driven by Penny Morris, Fireman Sam, Ben Hooper & Elvis Cridlington
  2. Titan (Firefighting Boat) - Driven by Ben Hooper & Penny Morris
  3. Juno (Rescue Jet Ski) - Driven by Fireman Sam & Ellie Phillips

Railway Rescues

  1. Bessie (Heritage Fire Engine) - Driven by Station Officer Steele, Fireman Sam, Penny Morris & Ellie Phillips


  1. Nurse Flood's Car (Ambulance) - Driven by Nurse Flood
  2. Mountain Rescue Ambulance - Driven by Nurse Flood & Ellie Phillips

Pontypandy Police Station

  1. Police bike - Driven by Malcolm Williams
  2. Police Quad - Driven by Malcolm Williams
  3. Police 4x4 - Driven by Malcolm Williams
  4. Police Cruiser - Driven by Rose Ravani
  5. Police Helicopter - Piloted by Rose Ravani

Pontypandy Fire & Rescue Team

Other emergency services

Newtown Fire & Rescue Team

Mountain Rescue Team

Ocean Rescue Team


Police Officers

Rescue Animals

  • Radar (Fire Station dog)
  • Shadow (Police Station dog)
  • Kilo (Police Station horse)