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Norman Stanley Price[4][5] is a boy who loves to play practical jokes and skateboarding. Norman usually fails to set appropriate limits on his own behaviour, and has been known to cause mischief and sometimes causes havoc at the fire station and for many of Pontypandy's residents. But there have been rare moments when he is the one not in trouble and even helped to save the day. As of the thirteenth series, Norman is more well-behaved and less troublesome.


He has shown interest in becoming a firefighter himself one day, but he also has said he was going to be a shepherd when he grows up as stated in Sheepdog Trials. He loved strawberries (as stated when vanilla ice-cream was dropped on his head in What Goes Up), but went off them in The Wishing Well after eating too many and feeling sick afterwards. He holds the Gwyneth Book of Records for being rescued fifty-seven times as of Record Breakers.


Norman is a troublemaker who causes trouble around Pontypandy. He often causes emergencies and puts himself in danger. He is far more mischievous and troublesome as of the sixth series, as he causes emergencies way more often than he does in the first series to the fifth series. However, starting in the thirteenth series, Norman's personality and traits have been toned down to the fact where he is well-behaved and only causes emergencies on occasions. Norman has also shown to be interested in science, as seen in Chemistry Set.


  • According to Rob Lee, Norman's character was based on Dennis the Menace from The Beano.[6]
  • According to the episodes Model Plane and Spy Games, his middle name is Stanley.
  • He is called 'Norbert Puk' in the Dutch dub.
  • His first name is Adam in the Hebrew dub.
  • It was hinted in Lost in the Caves that Norman is afraid of bats.
  • In Brass Band, Norman shows Sam that he owns his Dad's old telescope. This is the only indication of his father, who has never otherwise been mentioned.
  • As seen in Cadet Catastrophe, he has a crush on Ellie Phillips.
  • In the fifth series, he appeared in every episode, even though in some of the episodes, he was not the main focus.
  • During the first series to the fifth series and in live stage performances at Butlin's, he was the local paper boy.
  • In Jupiter on the Loose, he was the first non-firefighter character to drive Jupiter or any fire vehicle in Pontypandy.
  • In the original series, Norman had a knowledge of chemicals, as he was studying Chemistry (this was shown in Trevor's Boot Sale), and also once owned a chemistry set in Chemistry Set.

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