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Newtown is a neighbouring town to Pontypandy. It is the place where most of the firefighters went to do their training.

People Who Hail From Newtown


  • In the Series 9 episode One Way Street, Newtown appears on screen for the first time.
  • Station Officer Steele probably also hailed from Newtown because he said in the Fireman Sam special The Great Fire of Pontypandy that he and Chief Fire Officer Boyce were in the same fire academy.
  • In the Series 2 episode,The Wishing Well, it is established by Fireman Sam that the fire-service headquarters are located in Newtown and that a presentation to mark Station Officer Steele's 25 years of service with the fire brigade are being held here. In the same episode Sam and Elvis travel to Newtown, to pick up some new hoses.
  • It is also established in this episode that Newtown has a local paper called "Newtown Gazette"
  • Several episodes of the series involve one or more of the characters attempting to travel to Newtown but failing to complete the journey, either due to being involved in some emergency situation resulting in the need for Fireman Sam to be called out or in at least one instance, due to Trevor's bus breaking down.
  • It is mentioned by Bronwyn that Bella Lasagne moved to Newtown.
  • Unlike Pontypandy there is a real location called Newtown in Wales, but it is located right in the centre of Cardiff as apposed to the Newtown in the series which is located more to the south.