Mike Flood
Mike Flood
Occupation Handyman
Place of work Throughout Pontypandy
Family Helen Flood (wife)
Mandy Flood (daughter)

Mike Flood is a handyman, he is husband to Helen and the father of Mandy.

Personal info​

  • Hair: Brown
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Friends: Everyone in Pontypandy
  • First Appeance: A Real Live Wire


Mike Flood was previously from Huddersfield, England, where he lived as a child. He later moved to Pontypandy.

Being a tradesmen he often drives a van to get to various jobs in Pontypandy. He has occasionally been contracted by the local fire service, repairing pipes and putting in a fire pole. He was also hired to work on rebuilding the new fire station.

The Flood family live in a house on the outskirts of Pontypandy.

Voice Actors


  • In his first season, Mike spoke with a western English accent, but in the CGI episodes he speaks with a northern accent in the UK version. In The Pontypandy Cup, he even states that he hails from Huddersfield in Yorkshire. In the US version, he has a Brooklyn accent.
  • He was the first person to spot The Great Fire of Pontypandy.
  • Unlike most adults in the series, Mike is extremely careless and accident-prone, like in Flood's Flood where he accidentally causes a flood in the Jones' basement while fixing a leak and locking himself inside by mistake, in All At Sea where he accidentally sits on the button on the remote control while out at sea, accidentally setting off his fireworks and managing to set a whole stage on fire as seen in The Break-Up.
  • Helen and Mike have been married for over fifteen years.