Lost in the Fog
Series 03, Episode 08
Air Date Welsh: November 6, 1990
English: December 3, 1990
Australian: March 18, 1992
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Lost in the Fog is the eighth episode of Series 3.


Hill fog is rolling in on the hills and Sarah and James are going to Penny Morris' house for tea and then to the cinema afterwards. On their way to Penny's house on Trevor's bus, Sarah decides to make a stop halfway to pick flowers for Penny and she and James get lost in the fog.

From her house Penny starts to become anxious that Sarah and James are late for tea, so she rings up Pontypandy Fire Station to find out where they are. Fireman Sam is soon on his way in Jupiter. He soon meets up with Penny in Venus at the halfway point. Penny suddenly finds Sarah's handkerchief, so Sam goes into the field to look for the twins, while Penny waits by the gate just in case they find their way back.

Sarah has fallen into a bog and is sinking fast. James calls out for help and Sam follows his voice. When Sam finds the twins, he calls to Penny on the walky-talky and they use Venus' tow cable to rescue Sarah from the bog. Back at the cafe, Dilys is surprised to see the twins, reminding them they were meant to be at the cinema. Norman sees his chance to tell everyone about Dilys reading tea leaves, but she laughs, stating her son is a chatter box.




  • Pontypandy
  • Pontypandy Fire Station
  • Bella's Cafe
  • Price's General Store
  • Newtown
  • Penny's House
  • The Newtown Road

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