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Jodie Phillips
Jodie S13.webp
Occupation Marine Biologist
Place of work Ocean Rescue Centre
Family Ellie Phillips (sister)

Jodie Phillips is a Marine Biologist. She is the older sister of Ellie Phillips & is part of the Ocean Rescue Team. She will appear in Series 13.


Jodie came to Pontypandy for 3 reasons. Firstly to discover the unique marine life, secondly to help the ocean rescue team, but most importantly, spend more time with her sister, Ellie. She also has a special prosthetic leg which helps her jump, run, swim & do everything she needs to do as a marine biologist. She loves who she is & what she does & couldn't wait to have fun in Pontypandy.

As a marine biologist, she is intelligent, fearless and a natural athlete using her custom prosthetic legs on land and sea. When she isn’t collecting data on marine life in the Welsh seas, she is aboard the new Hovercraft helping out at the Ocean Rescue Centre.

Voice Actress

  • Ayesha Antoine (UK)