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Helen Flood
Helen Flood.PNG
Occupation Nurse
Place of work Throughout Pontypandy
Family Malcolm Williams (brother)
Mike Flood (husband)
Mandy Flood (daughter)

Nurse Helen Flood (nee Williams) is Pontypandy's resident nurse and Mountain Rescue medic. She is married to Mike and is the mother of Mandy.

Personal info​

  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Friends: Everybody in Pontypandy
  • First Appearance: Twist of Fate


She drives a small ambulance to check on her patients and occasionally comes to the fire station to train the firefighters in first aid and equipment.

She also has a 4X4 Mountain Rescue Ambulance.

She and her family live in a house on the outskirts of Pontypandy.

As of Alien Alert she is now part of the Pontypandy Fire Service as a volunteer Search and Rescue Medic for when people are injured in the mountains and requires Wallaby 2.

She has a brother named Malcolm Williams, who is a police officer.

Voice Actors


  • It was stated in the episode A Real Live Wire that she was allergic to fur, however in Twist of Fate she did not react when she was near Dusty and when she was near Radar and Nipper in the CGI episodes Sheepdog Trials and Seeing Red.
  • Helen and Mike have been married for over fifteen years.
  • She was most likely raised in Jamaica as stated by Mandy that Helen went to the Jamaican carnival when she was a little girl though she has a different accent.