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Froggy Fantasy
Series 10, Episode 19
Norman, Mandy and Sarah in their Swinsuits.jpg
Air Date 31 May 2016 (UK)
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Froggy Fantasy is the 19th episode of Series 10. It is written by Simon Nicholson.


Bronwyn organises the Froggy Fantasy play at the pool and James, Sarah, Norman and Mandy are performing, dressed up as frogs. Norman is jealous that James is the star of the show and decides to lock him in his changing room by gluing the door shut. But during the play, Norman knocks an umbrella into Trevor's BBQ and starts a big fire which reaches the changing rooms where James is trapped. Sam must fight the fire and rescue James. Luckily, Tom helps him out by using the water from the pool. As a severe punishment, Norman must now regularly attend fire safety lessons with Penny.