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"Great Fires of London!"

— his main catchphrase

Fireman Sam
Sam 4
Occupation Senior Firefighter
Place of work Pontypandy Fire Station
Family Unnamed Mother
Charlie Jones (brother)
Bronwyn Jones (sister-in-law)
Sarah and James (niece and nephew)
Gareth Griffiths (father-in-law)

Fireman Samuel "Sam" Peyton Jones is the main character in the series. He works at the Pontypandy Fire Station.

Personal Info

Basic Training

Further Qualifications

  • Advanced Driving Certificate
  • Trained Lifeguard
  • Certified Scuba Diver
  • Winter Training (HQ)


  • Medal of Outstanding Bravery
  • Bravery Award (Declined)
  • 4 More Unnamed Medals


After completing his firefighter training at the Cardiff Fire Academy, Sam returned to Pontypandy and moved into a house at 3 Vale Road and joined the Pontypandy Fire Service, where he is the lead firefighter and regular driver of Jupiter the fire engine.

In his spare time, Sam likes being an inventor in his back garden shed. In Sam's Day Off he made a popcorn machine which unfortunately ended up trapping him in his shed.

There have been a few times where Sam has needed help from the fire service himself. For example in Deep Trouble for Sam, when he falls down a hole caused by a landslide at Penny Morris' new cottage garden.

In Series 6, he moved to a house just to the left of the Pontypandy Fire Station. The back gate of the house leads directly into the station yard

Sam's brother Charlie is a local fisherman and his sister-in-law Bronwyn runs the whole fish café. Sam is a kind and attentive uncle to Charlie's and Bronwyn's children, Sarah and James.

During The Great Fire of Pontypandy when Chief Fire Officer Boyce gave Sam a medal, he was offered a Station Officer postion for the Rapid Response Team in Newtown. However by the end he declined the promotion, as he knew that Pontypandy needed him more and he refused to leave the town.

In Set For Action! Sam was controversially dismissed from the brigade by Chief Fire Officer Boyce after a failed safety inspection during one of Don Sledgehammer's stunts, but was reinstated by Boyce after James gave evidence that it was Flex Dexter who sabotaged the stunt scene.


Sam is a competent and brave firefighter, who helps keep the people of Pontypandy safe. He considers his job to be 'the best job in the world', and often helps out in emergencies even on his days off. However, he does have an inventive streak which sometimes gets him in trouble when one of his inventions goes haywire: since Series 6, he has stopped inventing, though he can be creative from time to time, such as fashioning a barbeque out of an oil drum in Sausages vs. Shrimps.

He lives in the village of Pontypandy. He is a single man, but has a close relationship with his niece and nephew, Sarah and James, and is good friends with the villagers of Pontypandy.

Fireman Sam is brave, modest and dependable. He selflessly puts his life on the line to help others and everyone in Pontypandy knows that nothing is too much trouble for Fireman Sam. He is renowned for keeping a cool head in a hot spot. It's only when he's really surprised he exclaims, "Great Fires of London!"

Voice Actors

Episodes Sam drove Venus

Episodes Sam drove Bessie

Episodes Sam drove Hydrus

Episodes Sam drove Neptune

Episodes Sam drove the Mountain Rescue 4x4

Episodes Sam drove Titan

  • All At Sea (mentioned by Sam when he said to Mike that they would go out on Titan to the fireworks).

Episodes Sam drove The Mobile Command Unit

Episodes Sam drove Phoenix

  • N/A (sticker only)


  • In 2009, Sam appeared with Penny, Elvis and Station Officer Steele in Peter Kay's Animated All Star Band music video on "Children in Need". Although the models from Series 5 were reused for this video mainly made up of stop-motion television characters, the characters retained their voices from the recently established CGI series.
  • He has driven all of the emergency land vehicles at Pontypandy Fire station (he drove Phoenix in a sticker) and it was mentioned he would drive Titan when he said to Mike that they would see the fireworks.
  • He is the only character to have appeared in every single episode.
  • He is the main driver of Jupiter, Mercury, Bessie, Hydrus and Juno.
  • He is the second driver of Venus, Neptune and The Mobile Command Unit.
  • He drove Jupiter in every episode in Series 5.
  • Sam has yet to drive Titan and Phoenix in an actual episode.