Fiery Finale
Series 5, Episode 22
Air Date May 4, 2006
Previous The Case of the Liquorice Shoelaces
Next Birthday Surprise

Fiery Finale is the twenty-second episode of the fifth season.


There's a talent show in Pontypandy and Norman Price is searching for an act. But whatever he tries, Trevor Evans "pours cold water" on it. Finally when Norman tries to play Elvis' guitar, he is asked to leave the stage. Norman's eyes alight on a comic featuring, "Lasso Kid" and he decides to delight the crowd with his roping skills. However, Norman's rope tricks soon lead to a fire.



  • This episode was a bonus episode on the US Thomas and Friends DVD, Engines and Escapades.
  • Sam is seen pushing a green button marked with a black arrow pointing up on the turntable control panel. What the button does is unknown, though it could be to open the station door. (unlikely due to the seemingly timed delay) Elvis previously pushed the button in Firefighter of Tomorrow, Norman's Invisible Friend and Let it Snow.
  • Station Officer Steele says "Move aside now make way!" when ushering everyone away from the stage. This is a possible reference to the line "So move aside make way!" in the Fireman Sam theme song.

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Fireman Sam 5x22 Fiery Finale

Fireman Sam 5x22 Fiery Finale