Ellie Phillips
Ellie Phillips Promo
Occupation Firefighter
Place of work Pontypandy Fire Station
Family N/A
Ellie Phillips is one of the Pontypandy firefighters. She was introduced in the feature-length special Heroes of the Storm.

Personal Info


After completing her training at the Newtown Fire Academy she joined the Pontypandy Fire Service with fellow graduate Arnold McKinley.


Ellie is athletic & competitive & sees the world through the lens of physical challenges (for example: if Sam asks her to shift a pile of hoses she'd be the one trying to do it the fastest), Ellie is full of energy but has the tendency to rush into things & take on too much. Penny can recognise traits in Ellie that she had when she was a young firefighter.

Episodes Ellie drove Venus

Episodes Ellie drove Jupiter

Episodes Ellie drove Phoenix

Episodes Ellie drove Bessie

Episodes Ellie drove the Mountain Rescue Ambulance

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  • Ellie is the second female firefighter in the series after Penny Morris.