Dlyis shop

Dilys' shop in the CGI series

Dilys' Shop is the local village grocery and general store run by Dilys Price. The shop sells stocks of canned goods, outdoor displays of fruits and vegetables, and various treats and snacks. Dilys and Norman live above the shop, as shown by the rooms they live in:
  • Dilys's bedroom: Dilys's room contains a shelf with a big mirror and photo, a shelf an electrical alarm clock and night lamp, a shelf with Dilys' clothes, and the wood-framed bed with pillows and a yellow blanket with white edging.
  • Norman's room: Norman's room has several shelves, toys, computer and a wood-framed bed with pillows. The bed also has an orange-pink blanket with white edging.


In Series 1-5, the shop is called N.W. Price and is painted dark green. In the CGI series, it is known as the Cut Price Supermarket and is now a 7-Eleven-esque convenience store. Since Series 6 it is no longer called N.W. Price. Fires often occur in this place when Dilys and Norman accidentally do something that's a fire hazard.


  • From Series 8 onwards, it is refered to as just "Dilys shop" or the "Cut Price Store".
  • The products on the shelves are usually either scrambled words or real-life brands but with the name edited to avoid copyright infringement. For example, in some Series 5 episodes boxes of "ZAZ" can be seen on the shelves, a reference to DAZ laundry detergent. "FireAlert" smoke alarms can also be seen, a reference to the American smoke detector company First Alert. In Series 1-4 most of the products simply have random letters as the brand names. A Series 5 example would be "ALWMINIWNA ΓOI⅃" instead of "ALUMINUM FOIL". These random letters are intentional to make translations for different languages easier.