Danger Falling Sheep
Series 05, Episode 01
Air Date English: 4th April 2005
Previous Disaster For Dinner
Next The Big Freeze

Danger Falling Sheep is the first episode of Series 5.


Norman wants to find fame by conquering the summit of Pontypandy Mountain but his ascent is stalled when Woolly the lamb lands on his head.

Trapped on a ledge, Norman and Woolly nibble biscuits whilst their friends raise the alarm. Sam tries to rescue Norman with Jupiter's extending ladder, but it cannot reach far enough. Meanwhile Norman is getting his fifteen minutes of fame whilst he is being air-lifted to safety by Tom Thomas the Mountain Rescue Heli-pilot, as a reporter is filming the whole rescue for the 6 o'clock news on television.





  • This episode marks the first appearances of Woolly, Mandy, Tom and his helicopter, Wallaby 1.
  • This episode marks the start of Series 5.
  • Some shots from this episode are used in this season's opening titles.
  • This is the first episode to feature fire helmets with safety visors.
  • This is the first time Tom gets to respond in Wallaby 1 in the series.
  • The shot of Wallaby 1 appearing from behind Pontypandy Mountain as Tom says "I can't get too close to the cliff!" is computer generated. This is most likely due to the fact that a stop-motion shot would be too difficult to attempt.
  • Sam's line "Stabilize Jupiter!" is reused in Pizza Palaver.
  • The reporter appears to use the same model as Mike Flood, despite not being introduced until A Real Live Wire.


  • Sam should know better than to assume that every single emergency would involve Norman Price.
  • How could Sam and Elvis know that Norman was the one stuck with Woolly on the Mountain before they had even arrived at the rescue seen, seeing James was higher up the mountain too with Sarah and Mandy?
  • What's being quiet got to do with being rescued?
  • Nothing was said about Mandy, Sarah and James being going up the mountain unsupervised as well.
  • While Sam is talking to Tom on his walkie-talkie, his mouth is slightly out of sync with his voice.
  • Jupiter's two-tone horns are really quiet
  • Jupiter's lights are off when the rocks rain down on Penny and Elvis, despite being on upon arrival, yet are strangely on again later as Sam brings Norman to the ground, and off again directly after. In addition as Sam says "You're right Mandy, it was a silly thing to do" Jupiter's left front light can be seen on for several frames and then off in the background, meaning they didn't animate the lights for that shot correctly despite one being in frame.
  • Blue light is seen being cast periodically on Bella and Dilys as they are watching the rescue despite Jupiter's lights never being shown to cast light.

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