Series 01, Episode 05
Air Date Welsh: October 13, 1987
English: December 15, 1987
Australian: February 2, 1990
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Camping is the fifth episode of Fireman Sam Series 1.

Plot Summary

Fireman Sam is now home from work and is going camping with Sarah and James near Pandy Lane. Trevor Evans gives them a lift, but has to go back again as one of the sleeping bags is left behind on the bus. When Trevor returns, the engine of the bus suddenly starts smoking. Sam gets Trevor to phone the fire service, but he manages to sort out the problem before they arrive. Trevor had left his rag in the engine when he last checked his oil. However Elvis and Station Officer Steele's journey is not wasted; a log from the camp fire rolls away and sets the tent ablaze. Sam and Elvis spring into action and put the fire out, but the tent is no longer usable. Station Officer Steele decides that Sam, Sarah and James' camping is most probably cancelled now, but Sam has a better idea. That night, Sam, Sarah and James camp out in Sam's back garden, with their dinner cooked from in the kitchen and a hot water bottle each to keep them warm through the night.





  • This is the first episode to feature Elvis driving Jupiter instead of Sam.
  • This is the first episode where Sam does not wear his uniform.
  • This is the first and only appearance of Ferdinand the frog.

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