Bronwyn Jones
Occupation Cafe owner
Place of work Wholefish Cafe
Family Unnamed mother-in-law
Gareth Griffiths (father)
Unnamed sister
Charlie Jones (husband)
Sarah and James (children)
Fireman Sam (brother-in-law)
Liam (cousin)
Bronwyn Jones (nee Griffiths) is a Pontypandy citizen who runs the Wholefish cafe.

Personal info​

  • Hair: Blonde
  • Eyes: Green
  • Friends: Everybody in Pontypandy
  • First Appearance: Pontypandy Extreme


She is married to Charlie Jones, the daughter of Gareth Griffiths and is the mother of Sarah and James. Although she was raised in the city, she feels much more at home in Pontypandy.

Voice Actors


  • She is the only adult character with at least one parent shown onscreen.