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Bessie is a heritage fire engine that runs on rails.


She used to be driven by Station Officer Steele in his old days and first appeared in the Series 8 episode Bessie to the Rescue, when Sam and Station Officer Steele were doing an inspection of the train station.

In Sky Lanterns, Bessie was given an upgrade which included the ability to change between it's water tank and sticky foam.


Episodes Sam drove Bessie

Episodes Penny drove Bessie

Episodes Ellie drove Bessie

Episodes Station Officer Steele drove Bessie


  • Bessie appears to be based on a Ford Model AA fire engine which worked on the San Diego & Arizona Eastern Railroad with the registration M. W. 1003 and it is now preserved at the California State Railroad Museum.
  • There is also a wooden flatbed truck which can come in handy for the firefighters when they need to bring Mercury along for mountain rescues. The Pontypandy Flyer also uses the flatbed truck if Bessie is not required.
  • ElvisArnold, Jerry Lee and Chief Fire Officer Boyce have yet to drive Bessie.