Bentley the Robot
Series 03, Episode 09
Air Date Welsh: November 13, 1990
English: December 17, 1990
Australian: March 19, 1992
Previous Lost in the Fog
Next Home From Rome

Bentley the Robot is the ninth episode of Series 3.


Fireman Sam's latest invention is Bentley the Robot, which can do anything at his request. When Sam sends Bentley to Dilys' General Store to do some shopping, Norman Price takes a great deal of interest in the robot.

Later, back at the fire station, Sam tells Bentley to throw some rubbish into the dustbin, where Norman is lurking about. He pushes Bentley's eject button, taking out his control tape and replacing it with Norman's video game cartridge for "Raiders of the the Lost Universe". Bentley then starts to act out the game by throwing equipment about the yard. At one point he throws a can of paraffin into the garage and its contents spills all over the floor. Sam takes out the cartridge to stop Bentley and Norman scrappers, but he does not go un-noticed by Sam.

Meanwhile, Penny is welding emergency locker doors in the garage, and whilst her blowtorch is still alight, she points it down at the floor and ignites the paraffin. Fireman Sam mans the hose, but he cannot get through the hot flames. Bentley could rescue Penny if Sam could find his missing control tape, which Sarah and James luckily manage to find lying on the pavement, after Norman discarded it. Sam puts the tape back in and tells Bentley to go through the flames to rescue Penny. Once again, Bentley follows his controller's orders and Penny is rescued.

Later Norman is mopping up the fire station garage as a punishment for causing the fire in the first place. Outside, Station Officer Steele is giving Sarah and James a certificate for their assistance in helping to save the station from the fire, and Bentley is given the Gold Cross medal for exceptional valour in saving Penny. Bentley is so ecstatic, that he starts to malfunction.




  • Pontypandy
  • 3 Vale Road
  • Pontypandy Fire Station
  • Price's General Store
  • Newtown (mentioned)


  • Bentley makes his first and only appearance in the series in this episode.
  • This episode's Norwegian title is simply "The Robot".
  • Bentley would later return in "Flood Alert," a segment from Fireman Sam In Action.


  • Norman instantly presses the eject button after he starts wondering where it is.
  • Sam should be able to tell the difference between Norman's voice and Penny's.
  • Bentley's jacket might have caught fire whilst he was rescuing Penny.

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