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Ben Hooper
Ben Hooper Promo.png
Occupation Senior Coastguard
Place of work Ocean Rescue Centre
Family N/A

Ben Hooper is the coastguard in Pontypandy.

Personal Info

Basic Training

  • Trained Lifeguard
  • Certified Scuba Diver
  • Texas Nautical Academy (US version)


After he completed his basic nautical training, he was employed by the new Ocean Rescue Centre in Pontypandy in Series 9.

He arrived at the quay in Tom's Helicopter, just as the firefighters arrived for their tour of the centre. Upon his arrival, it appeared that Penny and Bronwyn had instantly taken a shine to him.

Ben is now in charge of the Ocean Rescue Centre and he is the regular driver of the firefighting boat, Titan. It seems that Penny Morris currently has a soft spot for him.


Episodes Ben drove Neptune

Episodes Ben drove Juno

Voice Actors


  • In Whale Watch, it was revealed that he knows a lot about whales.
  • In Turtle Hunt, it is shown that he is extremely interested in wild life, especially whales and turtles.
  • In the US version of the series, Ben is said to have been born in Houston, Texas and started his basic nautical training at the academy as soon as he left high school.