The café

The Café in the CGI Animation Series

Bella's Café
was a café owned and run by Bella Lasagne. Bella's restaurant contains a large pizza oven, which is the source of at least one fire due to inadequate chimney sweeping (a birds' nest falls into the oven from the chimney and catches fire on the day the oven is installed). Bella's restaurant serves mostly Italian food, along with pastries and desserts. In Series 10 it was mentioned by Bronwyn that Bella moved to Newtown, even though her cafe still appears in Pontypandy throughout the series.


  • Café
  • Backroom
  • Kitchen
  • Bedroom
  • Bathroom
  • Backyard


  • For some reason since Series 6, the logo on Bella's café awning changes from the written words "Bella Café" to a symbol which bears resemblance to a cup of coffee.
  • In the right window there is an advertisement for "Ridoli's", which as indicated by a poster below the main ad in Series 1-4 is a brand of ice cream, however in Series 5 there is no "Ice Cream" poster below the sign, and the word "Ridoli's" is removed entirely from Series 6 onwards, leaving only 3 ice cream cones on the sign.
  • In Series 1-5 the word "Café" on the sign above the door is written in both English (Café) and Welsh (Caffé).