Arnold McKinley
Occupation Fire Fighter
Place of work Pontypandy Fire Station
Family N/A
Arnold McKinley is one of the Pontypandy firefighters. He was introduced in the feature-length special Heroes of the Storm.

Personal Info


After completing his training at the Newtown Fire Academy he joined the Pontypandy Fire Service with fellow graduate Ellie Phillips.


Arnold is a bit nerdy & can be a bit of a know-it-all. He tends to nit-pick & is very happy pontificating about water pressures, hose gauges & combustibility but, as yet, doesn't have the practical firefighting experience to back it up.

Episodes Arnold drove Venus

Episodes Arnold drove Phoenix

Voice Actors


  • According to John Hasler's website, he was probably originally going to be called "Arthur".
  • It is him who gave the name "Hydrus" to the new rescue vehicle introduced at the end of Heroes of the Storm.
  • It was hinted in Space Train that Arnold may be afraid of heights.
  • He is the only firefighter at Pontypandy Fire Station who has not driven Jupiter.