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Alien Bug Hunt
Series 11, Episode 11
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Air Date May 7, 2018 (UK)
Previous Night of the Norman
Next Blast From the Past

Alien Bug Hunt is the eleventh episode of series 11.


The kids become obsessed with a new Alien Bug Hunt Game and attempt to be the first ones to complete it in Pontypandy.




  • The Alien Bug Hunt game which gives its name to the episode is based on the real-life game Pokémon Go, released in 2016. This episode also satirizes the numerous incidents that have occurred due to players being distracted and not watching where they're going.
  • The episode includes several references to the popular TV and film franchise Star Trek.
    • Norman names Neptune "his Starship Norman Price", a parody of the Starship Enterprise.
    • The crew in Norman's Alien Bug Hunt team parallel those of the Star Trek franchise: James is a robot (Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation); Mandy is an alien First Officer (Spock from the original series); and Sarah is a starship engineer (Scotty from the original series).
    • The line "James is clinging on to the starboard bow" recalls the line "There's Klingons on the starboard bow" from the 1987 song "Star Trekkin" by novelty pop group The Firm.
  • The first episode since Alien Alert that the Mountain Rescue Ambulance is featured.
  • Sarah drives Neptune in this episode, this marks the second time a child has driven an emergency service vehicle after Norman drove Jupiter in Jupiter on the Loose.


  • Sarah incorrectly refers to her Uncle Sam as “Fireman Sam”.


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