A Real Live Wire
Series 5, Episode 4
Air Date Welsh: 16 October 2003
English: April 7, 2005
Australia: 25 April 2006
Previous Twist of Fate
Next Bug Eyed Boy From Venus

A Real Live Wire is the fourth episode of the fifth season.


Mandy Flood has her heart set on having a pet, but her mum who's allergic to fur is not keen. However, when Mandy rescues a squirrel from Dusty's clutches, she decides to secretly smuggle him into her room. Left to his own devices, the little "live wire" gnaws through the flex of Mandy's TV and starts a fire.



  • This episode marks the first appearance of Mike Flood.
  • The button that Station Officer Steele uses to light the TV on fire is the same one seen next to the phone and printer in his office.
  • The commercial airing on Mandy's TV is for "Acorn Crunch Bars", which are claimed to be so crunchy "even squirrels go nuts for them". The person reading the advertisement sounds very similar to Fireman Sam's voice actor, John Sparkes.


  • Helen is said to be allergic to fur, but she did not react to Dusty in the previous episode.
  • Before the emergency, we see Elvis with equipment on his belt. But when he slides down the pole during the emergency, he doesn't have his equipment on his belt.
  • Due to reusing response scene footage from previous episodes Jupiter still has to be turned around via the turntable even though it was seen in the correct direction facing the door earlier.



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